LCR Hallcrest Creates a New E-commerce Site

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Glenview, IL – July 19, 2016 – LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce the publication of a new e-commerce site, Thermometersite, a division of LCRHallcrest, a family owned pioneer and leader in the field of temperature sensitive, color changing graphic technology, known as Thermographics.  

 LCR Hallcrest Develops, Manufactures and Markets:

A comprehensive range of thermometers and temperature labels that can be found in virtually any industry including process and quality control where:

  •          Digitemp® thermometers are used to monitor room and environmental temperature.
  •          Thermax® irreversible temperature labels which are the standard for providing evidence of attained temperature for            warranty, quality and environmental temperature control.
  •          Color changing dyes, pigments and inks which are used to communicate proper usage, storage conditions and engage          audiences with smart designs that increase message awareness.
  •          Liquid Crystal for Science that is used for research and non-destructive testing.

“We are excited to release our new website intended to focus on the consumer looking to trial and experiment with color changing thermometers, indicators, labels, inks and science products.” comments Rocky Sapienza, VP of Operations for LCR Hallcrest. “This new site will allow us to better serve our e-commerce customers.”

 Contact for further information or shop at Thermometersite. 

 About LCR Hallcrest:  The company is the leading international manufacturer of “SMART” color and chemical changing labels, thermometers, pigments and graphics that react to environmental and temperature fluctuations, providing visible evidence of change and measurement with in-house design, development and manufacturing capability.                    


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LCR Hallcrest

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