Color Change Inks

Temperature Activated Color Changing Ink, Masterbatch, Dyes and Pigments

Specialty Ink

LCR Hallcrest Thermochromic Inks change color in response to changes in temperature. Activation temperature points range from low refrigeration type temperatures through normal body temperatures to high temperatures that exceed the pain threshold. Touch Activated Liquid Crystal Ink will change color within the visible spectrum when rubbed or touched

LCR Hallcrest Photochromic Inks change color when exposed to ultraviolet light, usually from the sun or a black light. The inks are effectively colorless indoors and turn into vibrant color outdoors. When brought back inside, the inks become clear again. The inks become intensely colored after only 15 seconds in direct sunshine and return to clear after about 5 minutes indoors.


  • Packaging
  • Promotion
  • Food Safety
  • Labels
  • Image Transformation
  • Print
  • Safety and Security Alerts

Transform Static Graphics to Interactive Messaging

Beer labels show cold label and warm label color differences Tshirt graphics show UV-exposed color print and non-exposed black and white print