Glenview, IL – November 30, 2017 We at LCR Hallcrest are at once delighted and disheartened to announce that Chris Rowland is retiring. His last day is December 22, 2017. Chris joined LCR Hallcrest US operations in June 1987 and transferred to the company’s UK start up in 1992 as its first employee. He has been a tremendous asset to the group with numerous accomplishments throughout his tenure. He is gifted with a keen chemical engineering mind and a cooperative nature with a BSc Chemistry degree from University Hertfordshire MRSC.
Kromagen permanent change high temperature activated thermochromic ink is now available online in two standard colors and three activation temperatures at
It is an important food safety practice to use a refrigerator thermometer but many do not practice this. Posted on August 16, 2017 by Kara Lynch, Michigan State University Extension
Simple, inexpensive, permanent change dishwasher temperature monitoring labels insure dishwashing disinfection temperature has been attained. Serving, storage and food display temperature monitors provide continuous assurance that food is handled safely.
Demand for Thermochromic Pigment is Growing Consistently - Research and Markets NEWS PROVIDED BY Research and Markets 22 May, 2017, 08:30 ET
Thermographic Promotional Products and Liquid Crystal Analog Label Production Moving to a New Site at the Main Glenview, IL Manufacturing Location. Smart Indicators for Special Applications
LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce that Thermometersite, the ecommerce division of LCRHallcrest, a family owned pioneer and leader in the field of temperature sensitive, color changing graphic technology, known as Thermographics, now ships into Canada.
LCR Hallcrest is pleased to publish a new temperature indicator information/ training website for Safetemp™, the company’s proprietary system of temperature monitors for hot and cold retail food display cases, that fits into existing shelf channels and is designed to complement centralized electronic temperature management systems without power or maintenance. The Safetemp digital system alerts staff to localized (within cold, freezer & hot display cases) temperature excursions immediately allowing for rapid remedy.
HOUSTON — NFL and law enforcement officials say fans can tell if they are buying real Super Bowl tickets by checking for the heat-sensitive logos. On the front of each ticket is a full polymer graphic that is raised and the back features a true color security label with Houston’s skyline and the Super Bowl logo. The final security feature is a graphic on the lower portion of the back of each ticket which is printed with thermochromic ink. The HTX logo and the NRG Stadium image will fade when heat is applied and will return when the heat source is removed.
Glenview, IL – January 25, 2017 – LCR Hallcrest, the leading supplier of Thermax™ smart irreversible phase change temperature monitoring labels, continues to raise the bar with the improvement to label print quality offered with the new print foil. Thermax labels are a quick response, easy to use, highly accurate, color changing temperature indicating label. Purified organic chemicals with defined melt points are individually coated and combined to create a portfolio of standard Thermax branded labels, which are available for your customization, OEM and private label needs