LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce the addition of a web-based roll formatted label production line. Liquid Crystal (LC) labels, temperature indicators and graphics are typically screen printed on a sheet then cut to size. The company has designed, developed and established a high-volume reel to reel liquid crystal label manufacturing capability.
LCR Hallcrest Aquarium Thermometer Rated one of the top 5 thermometers. This type of thermometer comes in the form of a vertical or horizontal strip that you can stick on the outside wall of the aquarium. The advantage of getting this type of thermometer is that they’re easy to use and are pretty much unbreakable. They can show you either Celsius or Fahrenheit readings (or both!) and you have the option of placing them on an area that will not obstruct your aquarium’s aesthetics. One of the downsides of using this, however, is that readings can be inaccurate due to the thermometer being placed outside of the aquarium. The room temperature may also affect the thermometer, so it would be advisable to stick the strip on an area away from direct sources of heat or cold, such as sunlight and air conditioner. It is also recommended to avoid placing the thermometer below gravel level as the reading may not be as accurate as well. The most ideal way of using the LCD thermometer is when it’s viewed straight on, as this is how it can read temperature best. This type of thermometer can be hard to read in low light and it does not come with an alert feature.
Color Changing Materials Markets are forecasted to grow at CAGR 6.77% till 2022 Infinity Research, Dec 2017 Glenview, IL – February 20, 2018 LCR Hallcrest is sharing in thermochromic market growth with cutting edge products and custom formulations that react to environmental changes with a color change that can be permanent or reversible. Active packaging engages consumers, driving your message forward. Additionally, this ability to create active, engaging messaging is crossing over to industrial process control applications where real time visual identification of a manufacturing process enhances quality control.
Glenview, IL – November 30, 2017 We at LCR Hallcrest are at once delighted and disheartened to announce that Chris Rowland is retiring. His last day is December 22, 2017. Chris joined LCR Hallcrest US operations in June 1987 and transferred to the company’s UK start up in 1992 as its first employee. He has been a tremendous asset to the group with numerous accomplishments throughout his tenure. He is gifted with a keen chemical engineering mind and a cooperative nature with a BSc Chemistry degree from University Hertfordshire MRSC.
Kromagen permanent change high temperature activated thermochromic ink is now available online in two standard colors and three activation temperatures at
It is an important food safety practice to use a refrigerator thermometer but many do not practice this. Posted on August 16, 2017 by Kara Lynch, Michigan State University Extension
Simple, inexpensive, permanent change dishwasher temperature monitoring labels insure dishwashing disinfection temperature has been attained. Serving, storage and food display temperature monitors provide continuous assurance that food is handled safely.
Demand for Thermochromic Pigment is Growing Consistently - Research and Markets NEWS PROVIDED BY Research and Markets 22 May, 2017, 08:30 ET
Thermographic Promotional Products and Liquid Crystal Analog Label Production Moving to a New Site at the Main Glenview, IL Manufacturing Location. Smart Indicators for Special Applications
LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce that Thermometersite, the ecommerce division of LCRHallcrest, a family owned pioneer and leader in the field of temperature sensitive, color changing graphic technology, known as Thermographics, now ships into Canada.