Feverscan® Mini – School, Work Force & Mass Screening Forehead Thermometer

Thursday, November 19, 2020

LCR Hallcrest is pleased to present the Feverscan® Mini, a personal disposable forehead thermometer specifically designed to be used for school, workforce and mass temperature screening measures, while assisting institutions with maintaining social distancing.

The Mini is Latex free, adhesive backed, self–applied, easy to read, continuous display disposable thermometer that can be read at a distance thereby assisting with satisfying social distancing guidelines while helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

 Made in the USA, suitable for adults and children, these fever thermometers are quick and easy to use. Simply affix on a person’s forehead and read the thermometer scale after 15 seconds.  Symptoms of this new Coronavirus include fever and coughing with an incubation period, before symptoms appear, of 2 to 14 days after exposure.

 Feverscan products were successfully used worldwide during the SARS epidemic to check for fevers in schools, offices, homes and at airports.

 “Feverscan forehead thermometers have been effectively incorporated into our manufacturing plant where we find them universally accepted by our staff and easy to read. LCR Hallcrest, as the global leader in Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometers products, is proud to take a prominent role in defeating the Coronavirus”. - Rocky Sapienza, V.P. of Operations





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