LCR Hallcrest launches Social Media Sites

Friday, September 23, 2016

Glenview, IL – September 26, 2016 – LCR Hallcrest is pleased to announce the launching of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages designed to keep partners, customers and creative/ technical audiences informed about advances in the applications, science and art of smart thermochromic materials. Our intent is to be the ‘go to’ location for surfing, ideas, applications, links, videos and images on the utilization of “Smart” color change labels, indicators, coatings, and pigments.

 Thermochromic material applications range from the scientific study of air flow on aircraft surfaces to the measurement of human temperature. Photochromic color change is triggered by UV light and liquid crystal thermometers provide accurate continuous temperature measurement.  

 Material advances in packaging is creating widespread interest in graphics and packages that communicate safety and quality information to the consumer. Process and Quality Control in manufacturing is looking for continuous temperature monitoring without continuous supervision to engage all production personnel in the manufacturing process. Healthcare and Food Safety uses smart labels to monitor and manage sterilization and cleaning procedures. Safety and Engineering temperature monitoring can be accomplished with a temperature evidence label that provides proof that a rated temperature has been achieved.   

 LCR Hallcrest offers a complete line of standard temperature measurement labels, pigments and coatings in a wide range of materials and temperature ranges through resellers.  Specialized and unique identification and environmental measurement problems can be solved by contacting customer service where we routinely develop custom solutions!    


Visit and follow us to participate in the exciting field of thermochromics.

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